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XenoMiner version 2.0.1 released for Xbox!


GreenScreen on “Draw PlayerName”
GreenScreen in CraftingScreen
At least two other Greenscreens I can’t remember where they were originating.

Autosave disconnects should no longer occur

Massive Lag from mobs fixed –
note: animations and movement for mobs have not been smoothed across the network. If the mob is being run from your client, you’ll see it as a normal, smooth-moving mob. IF, however, it is running on a different client, you will see it “teleport” to move, moving at about 5 hops a second. This isn’t a bug, you’re not lagging, it’s just not smoothed yet (normally we would interpolate between those points).
There WAS a lag inducing issue that could cause anyone running a mob or two to grind to a halt, that has been fixed.

More Network optimizations

Reclaim is available again on Xbox, better handling of reclaiming items so that they don’t give back a surplus

Spawn radius and rate re-examined and tightened up. You should start seeing more Venators.

Mob attack radius reduced, it’s not perfect but it’s closer to a 1.5 voxel reach (better fix coming next patch)

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