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Video by Timpraetor

XenoMiner: Swarm

12 years after the events taking place in XenoMiner, the local star cluster, which is humanity’s only source of the newly discovered and powerful mineral called Endurium, has seen a massive influx of mining corporations, governments, traders and pirates. Humanity has achieved amazing feats with technology, finding loopholes and caveats to laws once thought ironclad.

At the pinnacle of this golden Age of Wonders, the human mind was finally freed from its carbon-flesh cage: consciousness could now be transferred from place to place via a technology known as Downgates - inserted into any specially modified body or drone, known respectively as Skins and Exodrones.

XenoMiner Swarm strikes the perfect balance between first person shooter, mining game and tower defense game. Manage your ExoDrone loadouts to fight and mine with increased abilities from upgraded weapons and equipment. From Gristmill Studios, the makers of Xbox Indie best seller XenoMiner, this action-packed new addition to the XenoMiner universe will keep you hooked for hours!

Exodrones and Mind Sojourning

An Exodrone is a genetically engineered cyborg, grown in a lab, with the latest in mining, building and weapons technology. With the human consciousness downloaded directly into the Exodrone, humans can work and fight without risking their own life. Death is no longer an end, but a teaching tool - an experience that forges a better soldier. The mind, returned to its downgate link, can quickly suit into another Exodrone, or rather drop into its local skin (a more pleasing, human form for downtime) or return through the depths of space to its originating vessel, should that be that mind’s desire.

Such technology did not come without cost, and it brought about the Second Reckoning. From the war-torn rubble of the Reckoning came new laws: There shall be only one, The vessel must remain, The Mind may only sojourn.

A Frayed mind can result from there being more than one copy of the same consciousness, or the death of the original human body (the vessel) while the mind was roaming, or a mind that hasn’t returned to its vessel for too long.