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Multiplayer and MegaTerrain Update

The Multiplayer and Mega Terrain Update for XenoMiner continues through Alpha Testing.

Testers have set up servers hosting several players now without signs of lag or errors, and MP is looking really solid.

Mega-Terrain, the other half of this huge update, has already garnered extreme praise from our core fans (a group we’ve found isn’t shy to be honest and can be tough to please … we wouldn’t have it any other way). Here’s some of the feedback so far:

“*shock* I need whoever did the work on the caves to get a pat on the back… I mean WOW!
With the Combination of Venator Nests which Scream Nest now and the Caverns with Pinches 😉 it’s just simply AMAZING!”

“The change color wise is incredible. The landscape looks INCREDIBLE! I love the deep craters. The caves are Breathtaking and the ore dispersion seems to be more natural as well. It feels much more realistic. ”

Here’s some footage of the new blocks, Terrain and Jetpack action:

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