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The Gristmill Studios Team

Rod Runnheim Particle effects and shaders, architecture and design

I’ve been writing computer games since I was 12. I’ve always had a fixation on the graphics of games and the framework that makes them go. I’ve picked up some game-play design along the way, but am generally happiest pushing pixels and performance, in that order. I’m the one that has to occasionally have the laptop slammed on my hands to stop tweaking a feature to death. But it’s got to look good, damn it! And it has to run fast too! I’m at my best where art meets code and things get organic. Particle systems, shaders and some pixel pushing of my own keep me busy….Doh, gotta run, there’s a pixel on that texture sheet that needs a tweak, and then I have to get the shader to highlight that glow effect a bit better. Oh no, the frame rate! What did you guys do?! …err …later!

Jesse Nivens Graphic design/branding, titles and menus, art, interface and web design

In the 1980s, I wrote a crap load of games in GW-Basic. I never learned enough to develop any of them past character creation, so I decided my second hobby of drawing huge armies of stick men massacre each other was what I really wanted to do. Other than a stint telemarketing whilst pursuing a degree, I’ve spent my adult life as a graphic designer, interface designer and web developer. Most people know me for all the artwork I’ve made for Shiny Toy Guns on Universal Records, including the art for a Grammy-nominated album.

John Clark Game trailers, game art and illustration

My pre-double-digit years were spent drawing super heroes and hating math. Many drawing and painting classes later, I got into graphic design. That slippery slope led to a decade+ of broadcast video design. Absolutely NO regrets. It led me to these Gristmill Dudes. An incredibly creative bunch of developers. And we all are living happily ever after… but I still hate math.

Brian Rossman Interface, game and game engine design

I learned to deal with disappointment at an early age when I went to a midget racing event and found out it was cars. English is my second language to math, therefore when I hire a ghost writer, I will finish thi