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Press Reviews:

“This engaging new voxel game.. doesn’t just rise above the sea of uninspired copycats; it differentiates itself.. with a sci-fi theme and some clever tweaks.” –GameInformer.com

“Maybe[…] something amazing will come of it. I could see myself getting totally hooked into it…” –@IndieGamerChick

“The evolution of block-building gaming.”

“Have you got anything new for us, Xenominer? Yes, plenty, as it turns out… Brilliantly, you’re even able to rely on programmable mining robots to take over some of the busywork, which is a seriously impressive feature… The alien world is gorgeous in its uninhabited splendour, rich colour palette and inexplicable geometry.”

“I was morphing into a badass… Approaching eight hours in play time, I’m nowhere near where the game wants me to be, but I’m still digging… XenoMiner is a hell of a deal at 80 MSP.”

Peer Reviewer Reactions:

“Big pass from me – played for hours[…] totally addicted to it…”

“Way too good to be an indie game. Ill definitely buy it when it’s released.”

“This is going to be a must in the marketplace I suppose. The ambiance is kind of addictive, I have almost forgotten I was peer reviewing”

“The game is amazing, and it is very clear that you have put a lot of care into developing it. I loved the space survival theme, and every little detail down to the clever naming of devices. At 80 MSP, this game will be a steal.”

Words from the Internet:

“Top game, been on it all bloody day and done nothing else. For 80 msp this is a steal.” –@scoobytim

“Rarely do I stumble on a diamond in the rough that is the indie marketplace. Xenominer has blown me away, very well done” –@thatcrazyjustin

“XenoMiner for best game of 2012?” –@Fammable

“Right from the start XenoMiner won me over with it’s unique space atmosphere and great soundtrack. I also love the ‘hide from the sun and come out at night’ twist. You have my dollar!” –David S. (via Facebook)

“I highly suggest checking out Xenominer. Its a great game for a screaming price. Check it out!” –@dstruxon

“The satisfaction of exploring, upgrading, and surviving is unlike anything else I have experienced in this sort of genre. It is simply not just another indie clone, it’s in a league of its own, and I encourage everyone to give it a shot” –stonedeaf4ever on gamespot.com forum

XenoMiner by Gristmill Studios

XenoMiner begins as you wake up after having crash landed on Xenos, the largest moon orbiting a gas giant. With only a few batteries and oxygen tanks left in the remains of your ship, you must find a way to survive alone. Xenos is rich with ores, glowing minerals and other valuables you can use to build tools and shelter with which to survive the deadly radiation from the nearby star. But it appears that you're not the first visitor to Xenos: Find the relics of a lost civilization and the secrets they contain.

XenoMiner is the latest block-building sandbox game from Gristmill Studios. Featured in the Xbox Addicted to Indie promo, Indie Games Uprising 3 and on gameinformer.com, it is available for Xbox 360 and Windows PC, with more platforms to follow.

"Approaching eight hours in play time, I'm nowhere near where the game wants me to be, but I'm still digging. I can understand the attraction of these games now. If you like what Minecraft represents, but love a greater challenge and have a ton of disposable free time, XenoMiner is a hell of a deal... The emphasis on survival, the potential of the programmable bots to lessen the strain, and a general sense of purpose that's missing from the more casual clones, gives the game a leg up at the final tally." – The XBLIG

XenoMiner includes an extensive crafting system and several exciting gameplay hooks. One incredibly fun feature is the ability to walk on walls with gravity-bending boots - players can build bases, bridges, tunnels and mine shafts without regard to any given orientation, which can lead to some mind-bending structures and architecture, as well as many interesting gameplay situations.

Even more exciting, XenoMiner includes construction bots of alien origin that are programmable with scripts and routines, and can be directed to build structures of immense scope or assist in the mining process. Deciphering the language's basic instructions should be an easy but enjoyable task, and we are eager to expand this feature in future updates.

Unlike the other voxel games for Xbox, XenoMiner does not constrain the player to small world sizes; players are free to explore a rich terrain consisting of multiple biomes across a nearly unlimited landscape.

Massive world build including spaceship and Yoshi

XenoMiner Version 1.3 Walkthrough

Massive BioDome Under Construction

Launch Trailer