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XenoMiner version 1.41 with delicious squashed bugs, now released!

Unable to edit Bot build buttons, Green Screen – fixed.
Lost bot – fixed. (These will be restored)
Multiple bots – fixed. These will be scrubbed back to one.
Bots can no longer be put in different Containers or dropped, they have their own slot (beta graphics).
Bot shouldn’t crash the game when recalled and digging.

Buried alive – fixed. Unless we pull this at the last moment, spawn points that have been buried or dug up will move until they find a new position, including the original spawn point.
Spawn point is no longer sacred (unless we pull it at the last moment).

Seemingly Unchanged/Vanilla Chunks on travel (restored by reloading) – fixed.

GreenScreen on Join Menu Refresh – fixed.
GreenScreen on dropped SkyStrider backpack – fixed.

Duped containment units on inventory screen via multiple relays – fixed.
Containment units unowned or owned by wrong person – fixed.
Containment units emptied in MP (same issue) – fixed.
Containments can’t be cleaned up – fixed. Any Container can now be dug up by host – they’ll have no x above them and they are a different color of blue (i think) – this will destroy the contents of the Container, so use sparingly.

Relays fail to transmit Processing Power to CentriForge – fixed.

Can’t Invite in Invite-Only game – removed. We can’t support this feature without a few days of extra work, we pulled it for now.

Not a bug but:
Gristmill devs will be identified with a [gristmill] tag online on the Join Menu.
Gristmill devs will be identified in game with colored name tag (red if I remember right).

Edit Additions:
Players will no longer show up in Host screen or draw in world until full loaded. No more green screen when kicked while loading.
GreenScreen occasionally on menu screens – fixed.

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