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XenoMiner: Welcome new players! Here’s some info and faqs..

As we’re very near releasing a second update to XenoMiner, I’d like to make a quick post answering some questions we get all the time via Facebook, Twitter and email:

Is XenoMiner being actively updated?
It is. We continue to work to improve the game and mature it towards our original vision and goals.

Indeed! In fact we have working development builds of Multiplayer Xenominer and are currently in the process of debugging and fleshing out the experience. Naturally multiplayer changes touch nearly every bit of code, so we’ve been taking our time to get it right.

Will there be glass?
Yes, in fact, it’s in the update that we are just now wrapping up. There will be regular glass and frosted glass, and we’ve made the crystals semi-transparent.

What new features can we expect next?
Well, this one will be outdated fast, but: Glass, Retractable Doors/Bridges/Walls (with switches and conduit), Thruster Pack (jetpack for suit), Binocular vision on helmet, Zoomable minimap, Tabbed/Sorted Centriforge, Reclaim old gear (trash and recycle stuff for materials), Pointer back to Spawn, Transparency for Crystals, a new Texture set by LithiumSound, the maker of the incredibly popular “Summerfields” Minecraft texture pack, and perhaps a bit more …

How do I use the bot?
The joy of discovery is deep and the opportunity for it is fleeting. For those less patient, see this post (warning, SPOILERS)

Who did your music, it is awesome?!
Lucid Darqly and his project group xXRx let us use some samples, and Lucid made some of it custom for us. Check out their album here:

Will you be doing a PC version?
Because XNA runs on PC natively (well, with some .NET packages), it is very likely we will release a PC version sometime in the medium term. We are currently focusing on the Xbox experience and multiplayer and will continue to put our energies there until we are satisfied with its progress.

Is DAI-SE a reference to HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
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Is there a Wiki?
Yep! wiki.xenominer.com

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