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XenoMiner: We’re still at it.. Patch 1.0.1 Coming!

We’re just wrapping up a crash weekend of bug fixing. We’ll be doing some playtesting tomorrow night, and have the build up for playtest on the creator’s club as well (that’s the XBLIG gateway for publishing if you’re not familiar).

We’ll wait to get a thumbs up or two from those playtesters (they check crash bugs and storage device errors mostly, not gameplay), then we’ll set it up for Review. Review tends to take a week or two, though with a slightly more popular game like XenoMiner and it just being an update, we may get lucky and get it through sooner.

Thank you all for your patience on these issues – we’re just an indie group with regular day jobs and families, so it takes a bit longer even to patch. The good news is that once we get these bugs out of the way, updates should be able to flow much more easily.

There’s more too it and I’ll post a full patch list when it’s up for Review, but here’s a few of the major things:

Stuttering Issue when roaming solved.
Autosave re-implemented (10 minutes)
Ore redistributed, more plentiful (don’t expect all basalt to magically be gold though!)
A new Crash Site (if you haven’t changed the crash site area or start a new game)
Streamlined intro tutorials
Duplicate Items on Swap/Drop fixed
Crashes on inventory RB/LB with item selected fixed
Drop item on full container crash fixed
Schematics will now count up quantity by the amount they produce
A few schematics will have their prices adjusted (grav pad, starting forge)
Air Refill cannot have a quantity greater than would create full tanks
Bot Interface now has a delete function
No more suffocating sounds when switching tanks
No more getting stuck in walls on Reset or Safeties (grav boots)
At least two new Schematics to charge your batteries (perhaps a third)
… though Solar Panels will no longer function in the dark (dark and inside, they still have trace radiation in “planet-light”)

And a few more things we’re forgetting. We’ll be back at it today after work for the usual Tuesday jam, test, finalize and upload whatever’s working.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. (non patch news: I saw doors yesterday … so dynamic, so beautiful, so … 3d?!)

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