XenoMiner: Build your world, now on PC!

Get your copy of XenoMiner today, and also help us raise money for further development! Is a phone call from one of us worth $75? Hell no! Most of our friends won’t even take our calls. But the more we raise the more time we can put into XenoMiner, making it a better game for everyone.

Hardware Recommended: PC, Windows XP or higher, 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 150MB of HDD space. Direct3D Graphics Support required – try the DEMO first! Current resolutions support for 1280×720 only (windowed or fullscreen), more resolutions will be supported very soon.

Special Voxels, Unique Armor, Bonus Starting Gear and Blocks, “What’s Cooking” Versions and all Bundle Add-ons not immediately available but will be coming soon through the beta release process.

Multiplayer is not available on PC yet since we have to set it up and run it on our own (instead of using Xbox’s existing infrastructure), but we estimate it will be ready for public beta in July.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an oversight, the game or demo MUST be installed to the default directory it suggests, or it will not run! This will be corrected soon!

Are you new to the XenoMiner universe? Feel free to try the game out before you plunk down any cash. Play as much as you like, but progress can’t be saved.*

Includes major beta updates and the final release version!*

Includes major beta updates, minor “See what we’re cooking” updates and final release version. Access to a new “developer’s corner” in the forum. Your forum screen name gets a non-standard color reserved for early adopters.*

Includes all of the above, plus get Special Voxel #1 to use in one of your builds. It will look cool in screenshots and show people you’re a supporter!*

Get things rolling faster with upgraded starting equipment! 2nd Tier Helmet, Suit, Backpack and Boots. Upgraded Air and Battery Attachments. And.. wait for it… A NEW Upgraded “Littleman 7” P.I.C.K.!

Get everything above (including the Prospector’s Bundle). Also, ya lucky bastahd (Boston accent) 2 Tier 1 Containers, 2 Tier 2 AI Cores, 50 Copper Bars, 50 Aluminum Bars, 7 Endurium Bars, 7 Gold Bars and
7 Diamonds. Plus(!) Special Voxel #2.*

All of the above, plus get geared up like AHHNALD: Start with the plasma rifle and a Unique “DarkRise” Armor Suit.*

All of the above, plus a thank you phone call from a dev: you can tell them what you love about XenoMiner, what you think sucks, etc.*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls.

Start with 10 full stacks of Outpost stuff and 2 advanced containment units!

All of the above and you join us on a Google Hangout for an hour at one of our Tuesday night development sessions. Also, we list you as a sponsor in the game credits.*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls.

Start with Plasma Launcher, all Tier3 Gear + Gravboots. But wait, there’s more! Unique “Oblivion” Armor Suit

All of the above, plus a drawing (you choose the subject) from the art guys or a laughable monstrosity from a dev. Play a goofy run ‘n’ gun (probably COD MW2) with other fans and a dev for an hour.*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls.

All of the above, plus get listed as a major sponsor in the game credits with your URL.*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls. 3. URL restrictions apply.

All of the above, plus get credited as the inventor of a piece of equipment inside the game. Future generations will debate whether it was you or Tesla!*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls. 3. URL restrictions apply.

Everybody’s gonna look at you ’cause you’re standing on a boat. Hang out in Madison with (most of) the devs on a boat, and eat pizza/chill with us at one of our Tuesday dev sessions. Plus all of the above.*
1. Shipping rules apply. 2. Limits apply to international phone calls. 3. URL restrictions apply. 4. Lodging rules apply

*XenoMiner software purchase is a license to the full release version as announced. Though future releases of XenoMiner after the Final Version may be offered to those who purchased XenoMiner, purchasing XenoMiner does not include future additional content, DLC, extra add-ons, virtual goods, expansions or subsequent sequels or other future releases. Remember, by purchasing and downloading the game or downloading the demo via one of the links above, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Brand & Asset Usage Policy, and End User License Agreement for the use of the PC games that are on this site.

Legalese: Sorry, but has to be done. If you purchase any of the above packages, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

1. No fee for shipping in the United States. For international shipping, we may charge an additional shipment fee depending on the shipment location.

2. If a Gristmill team member has to call an international number, the call will have a maximum duration of 5 minutes. It is strongly suggested both parties you skype or another similar program to save on calling expenses.

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4. Lodging reimbursement included up to $120/night for 2 nights; travel (airfare, gas, taxi, etc.) reimbursement included up to $350, must be 21+