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XenoMiner PC Version 2.02 Released

PC 2.02 is up on BMT Micro (same download code/password as your original email)
PC 2.02 is now approved for Desura

Most of 2.01 and 2.02 were Xbox bugfixes. PC changes were light, but should improve things a bit:

Inventory Tutorial fixed.
Mob spawn radius tightened (more action).
Mob pathing improvements (less lag).
Several greenscreens on edge cases (same as xbox)
Lit wall panels fixed.
Fixed up/down arrows on the Centriforge

What doesn’t show in this update but is really exciting is that we’re in Week 2 of having a full time developer. PC players will be glad to know that Rod has made great strides in bringing PC multiplayer into fruition. We’re now in the debugging stages of implementing this feature!

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