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Issues with version 1.3

UPDATE: Issues in below blog post have been addressed in XenoMiner version 1.31.. thank you everyone!

We’re really sorry, we’ve encountered some errors with storage units that did not come up during the last week of play testing. In old saved games, the stuff you had in containment units (not in your backpack) is not being loaded correctly.

Just to be clear, new games are not affected: if you’re a new player or starting a new game, your world will work and save normally.

We’ll be able to patch and fix this, but unfortunately the XBLIG channel only allows one update every 7 days, so the best we can do is a fix next week. On any other distribution channel and we could post a same day fix for you. Regardless, we messed this one up, please accept our sincerest apologies.

The options right now seem to be:
1) Don’t play old saves until we can patch
2) Try a new seed out and have some fun with the new features until we can fix your old worlds.

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