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What’s in a name? (Devilsong)

The best names are inspired by story, and tell a story themselves. Devilsong came to me as I was worldbuilding in my mind late at night. I wrote out this slang/jargon dictionary based on Naval and AirForce slang and sent threw it into an email the next day:

Jack – General nickname for spacers
Jackspeak – language used by spacers, spacer jargon
Jack in the Box – a spacer whose primary duties are on a large vessel, a spacer who rarely sees space

Deep – slang for Space, short of “Deep Space”
Devil – slang for Space, usually negative
Deviljack – nickname for space fighter pilots
Devilnecks, Hardheavies – nickname for space assault troops, marines
Devil’s Song, Devilsong – the call of space, the desire to leave planetside, enthusiasm for becoming a spacer

Between the Devil and the Deep – to be confronted with two bad outcomes, a no-win situation, sometimes stated as “DaD” *see Daddy’s Home
Daddy’s Home – an ironic situation assessment, things just got real bad, totally f***ed (fubar, snafu)
Downgate – an ironic situation assessment, a combination of broken and maximum afterburner – things are deteriorating rapidly.
Jacob’s Ladder – originally a rope ladder, euphemism: a delicate situation, a situation requiring careful planning and controlled execution, a situation that could easily spiral out of control

Keelhaul – when a smaller craft collides with a much larger craft
Knuckle-dragger, Ape (related Deck Ape) – a spacer whose job requires more muscle than brains
Deck Ape – a spacer who works in maintenance or repair – can be deragatory or not depending on usage/tone
Ship’s Gorilla, Kong – Chief Engineer of a ship. King of the Apes.

GIB – “Guy In Back” More common in Fleet usage, refers to the backseater (pilot, non-pilot, or NFO) of a 2-place tactical spacecraft
Heavy, Rockhugger, Tourist – a derogatory term for non-spacers. Tourists are Heavies in space, passengers. Marines are often Heavies as they are regularly rotated out of space duty to maintain physical strength (see Hardheavies).
Space Lawyer – a know it all spacer

The Push – the stern of a spacecraft, “Get back in the Push and find out what’s wrong!”
The Pull – the bow of a spacecraft, often used in reference to ship politics and the difference in views between the upper and lower deck crews, “Someone in the Pull is thinking again…”, “He’s a pull” “She’s a push”

So there’s some great stuff in there, some good “ring words” like Deviljack and Devilsong, Jacob’s Ladder.

So here’s the name I’m thinking: Devilsong

Devilsong has a good ring to it, is short and punchy, and evokes the “Call of the Wild” aspect of this universe, that people hear a “siren’s song” luring them out into space – fame, honor, glory, riches, freedom … it’s all just the Devil’s Song.

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